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Sandra Ragusa's book is a Chronology of Julie Baker's life and career with tributes by his colleagues, students and friends. Julie the greatest flutist of his generation and arguably of all time will remain a legend and inspiration to generations of musicians to come.

The Studies in this book are intended to build a high degree of technical proficiency by means of intensive work on scales, scale patterns, seventh-chord arpeggios, thirds, sixths, chromatic sequences, fast staccato, and various duet selections covering in part, the extremely high tones such as D and E.  These exercises have been an integral part of my teaching for years, a daily discipline for my students.  I require the non-duo studies from memory (in the first ten of them the formulas are not difficult to grasp, and it only remains to play them in all the tonalities).
    By diligent and careful work on these daily exercises, students will build a flawless technical foundation on the flute and more advanced players will keep themselves in shape.  These studies have been my own personal warm-up for a large part of my career.

Julius Baker


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